2016-2017 Ambright New Teacher Orientation Schedule

Dates for International Standardized Tests (2016.7—2017.6)
Kevin met with Bob from Eton College

2016-2017 Ambright New Teacher Orientation Schedule

Organizers:Ambright International Program Center (AHSP Central Office)

Ambright HR Office

Ambright Adm Office

Date: Aug. 26-28, 2016


Registration Time: 9am-11pm, Aug. 25

Registration Location: Lobby of Green Inn

(Address: Cao Chang Men, Shi Tou Cheng No. 81, Gulou District, Nanjing City Tel: 025-83716888)

(格林豪泰草场门店,地址:江苏省南京市鼓楼区,草场门石头城81号,电话: 025-83716888)


Orientation Schedule

Time Location Activity Trainer Participants Liaison
Aug. 26 Friday
08:40 Hotel Lobby Assembly   All participants  
09:00 Nanjing Office Office Tour   All participants  
09:20 Lecture Hall Welcome Speech & Ambright Introduction By General Principal: Kevin Dai All participants  
09:30   Meeting central office people   New teachers  
09:40   Welcome by site school colleagues   Site school team members  
09:50   Welcome by course leaders   Course group members  


Classroom HR policy training (contract explanation, employee handbook guidance, welfare package, performance review Ms. Liu Ying & Ms. Lv Hui Chinese participants  


Lecture Hall HR policy training (orientation on relevant legal, cultural, safety and insurance issues, foreign employee handbook explanation, Ambright Foreign Employee Support System) Mr. Misha & Ms. Sheila International participants  
11:00 Lecture Hall Coffee Break   All participants  
11:10 Lecture Hall Financial Policy Education Ms. Chen Yin & Ms. He Yanqin All participants  
11:40 Lecture Hall Logistics Policy Education Ms. Liu Hang All participants  
12:00 Building Front Group Photo Taking   All participants  
12:10 Canteen Lunch Break   All participants  
12:40 Lecture Hall IT Training (OA system functions and operation, Dingtalk user education, Ambright email system) Ms. Hao Jinli & Mr. Li Zhenglong All participants  
14:00 Nanjing Museum Museum Visit   All participants  
18:30 Ronghe Restaurant Welcome Reception   All participants  
20:30-21:00 Lobby of Green Inn Course Leaders’ Meeting Chaired by Kevin Dai Course Leaders  
Aug. 27 Saturday
09:00 Lecture Hall Training on Classroom Instruction Kevin Dai All participants  
11:00 Lecture Hall Coffee Break   All participants  
11:20 Classrooms Course Group Preparation Meeting Course leaders Course group members  
12:00 Canteen Lunch Break   All participants  
14:00 Classrooms Subject Demo Class Video Viewing and Discussion Course leaders Course group members  
16:00 Classrooms Subject Teaching Issues Orientation Course leaders Course group members  
17:30 Free Choice Course Group Dinner Course leaders    
19:00 Hotel Rooms Prepare lesson plan   New teachers  
Aug. 28 Sunday
09:00 Classrooms Lesson Plan Sharing and Discussion Course leaders New course group members  
11:00 Lecture Hall Site School Situation Briefing and Trip Arrangement Site school liaison New site school team members  
11:30 Canteen Lunch   All participants  
12:00 Green Inn Check out   All participants  
12:30   Head to Nanjing South Train Station Site school liaison All participants  


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