Training Activities ­­in AHSP Nanjing Office (1)

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2016 Halloween Party Held in Nanjing Central Office

Training Activities ­­in AHSP Nanjing Office (1)

Psychological Theories and Career Development, a themed lecture, was given by Kevin Dai, the Director of the International Program Center on the 4th floor of Nanjing Central Office. The lecture was given on October 10, 2016.


The International Program Center is the first to conduct inner training activities in Nanjing Central Office this academic year. The goal is to create a better environment for studying, encourage all department members to constantly improve their professional and soft skills, as well as to make efforts to build a learning-oriented company.

Kevin’s lecture aimed to guide everyone to establish a feasible career plan and life goal through correct self-cognition, self-understanding and self-evaluation. Kevin talked about psychological theories from his own experience and prepared a PowerPoint presentation. The PPT contained accompanying pictures and detailed explanations of the obscure psychological terms.

Ms. Luofei, the Deputy Director of the International Program Center also opened an Office Yoga training class for everyone on every workday from 15:30 to 15:40.


All of the soft skill training activities held by the International Program Center are open. All members in the Group and colleagues from other departments are encouraged to come. Those who came expressed their hope to participate in more activities like this after the training.

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