Annual Work Report Meeting is Held in Nanjing
Principal Training Held in NNU

2017 AP Economics Workshop

A workshop for AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics was held at the Nanjing central headquarters building on March 25 – 26. The workshop was attended by 8 members of the Economics teaching staff, representing several of our partner schools.


The first day of the workshop provided an opportunity for introductions, AP updates, and classroom strategies and activities. Each teacher took a few minutes to introduce themselves and the program at their respective site schools. This illustrated the diversity that is prevalent throughout Ambright’s partner schools. Ms. Claire Wu, from Hefei #1, presented an overview and summary of the AP conference she attended in Shanghai and provided useful information to teachers about the direction of College Board. Mr. Oliver Fang, from the Nanjing office, and Mr. Andrew Friedle, from Hefei #1, discussed their classroom strategies and class activities. A lively discussion followed within the group on different strategies and appropriate in-class activities for students.


The first day was capped off by an enjoyable evening at a local expat restaurant in Nanjing, where attendees enjoyed a nice dinner and spent a relaxed evening talking and getting to know one another better. All attendees seemed to enjoy the evening and the time spent together.

The second morning of the workshop focused on discussions of successful exam preparation strategies. Marissa, from Yangzhou, took the lead in discussing her strategies and provided useful insight to attendees. The discussion among teachers was lively and most seemed to agree that employing different strategies based upon student needs is necessary. After lunch, a game of Economic Jeopardy/Trivia was shown to participants. Then, participants had the opportunity to play a short version of the game and see how it can be used in class to review concepts. After that, a short discussion was held and the workshop was closed so that participants could travel back to their site schools.

IMG_4935 IMG_4966

All in all, the workshop was successful, especially in the sense that teachers had the opportunity to meet each other, discuss issues and strategies, and come away with a desire to continue to share ideas and resources among the group. A special thanks is due to all attendees, and especially to those who volunteered to take the lead in discussions.

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