2017 New Teachers Orientation Held

Principal Training Held in NNU
AHSP News 2017-18 (2017.9.20)

2017 New Teachers Orientation Held

The Ambright 2017 New Teacher Orientation was held from Aug. 23 to Aug.28 in Jinan and Hefei. Since many teachers both Foreign and Chinese ones chose to stay in our American High School Program (AHSP) last year, the number of our new teachers is relatively small this year and the new teachers are mainly settled in Jinan and Hefei. Therefore, this year, we create a new mode of Orientation – to make these two cities the host places for the Orientation, and send the subject trainers there for the new teachers’ subject training.


In the beginning, the Dean of the AHSP Center, Kevin Dai expressed the warm welcome to the new teachers on behalf of the Group leaders and colleagues, and then he introduced the Group, AHSP, the new teacher’s support system and Teacher’s Work Evaluation Form to the participants. After that, the CAO of the AHSP center, Dr. Ken Smith analyzed the differences in culture, education and etc. between China and US in a humorous way, so as to facilitate them to the new environment.

This year, we also invited Shanghai HR team to share its policies to our new teachers. Pierce and David introduced the policy respectively in Jinan and Hefei, while Jonathan trained the local Foreign Affairs Coordinators about the certificate handling problems.


The subject training put the Orientation to a new height. Each subject group leader trained the group members about the Syllabus, teaching arrangement, key and difficult teaching points. Later, the new teachers would conduct a trial lecture after preparation, and the group leaders would make comments on it. The group discussions were high-efficient and all the new teachers benefited from learning each other.


Cooperating with teams both in Nanjing and the local schools, the 2017 Ambright New Teacher Orientation is concluded as a great success! Wish everything goes well with all teachers’ work!

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