AHSP News 2017-18 (2017.9.20)

2017 New Teachers Orientation Held
Ambright History Workshop Held in November

AHSP News 2017-18 (2017.9.20)

September 20, 2017

Getting involved with the greater AHSP Community

Greetings! In this September edition of the monthly AHSP newsletter, we are introducing the bio of an extraordinary teacher working in Hefei No.1 High School, imparting you with some Chinese knowledge you can practice using over the coming national holiday, and hoping to receive your feedback once you’ve checked out our blog!
Over the course of the school year, with the collaborative efforts from both the Nanjing and Shanghai Human Resource departments, we will strive to keep you updated on the most recent news for teachers in our program. We hope, in the future, you can help contribute to the design, focus, and core messages of the program to make it better for you, fellow educators, and future colleagues.



Ebon is an ESL, AP English, and Honors English teacher at Hefei Number 1 High School in Hefei, Anhui Province. Ebon’s journey as an educator in the AHSP began almost 3 years ago as a supervisor of the international teaching team. He is now the Dean of Student Affairs and is charged with the duties of programming and extracurricular activities with the vice-principal of his site school. While busy being a dean, he also makes the time to be a Senior 3 co-leader and co-homeroom teacher.

hjmFurthermore, he manages the school’s ‘House Cup Program’ a la Harry Potter Hogwarts experience, managing attendance, rewards, and disciplinary programs for the students. Ebon’s creativity builds a sense of community for his students; so much so, that they trust him as a counselor if they need to talk about personal issues. Ebon accredits his enjoyment of his time at Hefei No. 1 to many people for various, meaningful reasons. “The environment here is very free. Our principal gives us freedom as long as we are dedicated to the students… and maintain a professional attitude at all times. We’ve got [incredible staff] here! The international teachers work well together and most of us frequently discuss building the quality of education and cross-curriculum cooperation.”

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