2017 Fall Ambright Principal’s Summit Held in Nantong

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2017 Fall Ambright Principal’s Summit Held in Nantong

2017 Fall Ambright Principal’s Summit was held in the late fall of November 3-5 in Nantong. Principals of Ambright International Program Management Center, key personnel from Ambright Thomas School Management Center, as well as Ambright Group leaders attended this summit. Sean Zhang, CEO of the Ambright Group and Professor Wei, EO of the Group also attended the summit in person.



The summit was hosted by the General Principal of Ambright International Program Management Center, Kevin Dai, followed by four sections: Yearly Principal’s Work Report, Modern School Management Seminar, Students Recruiting Discussion and Team Building.

In the first day of the summit, Sean Zhang first greeted all the participants on behalf of the Ambright Group, and expressed his gratitude to all the efforts they made in the last year. And he also encouraged all the teachers to get more involved in teaching research and prepare for Group’s transition strategy and development. Then all the site principals conducted their work reports as scheduled, and Professor Wei highly evaluated this part by encouraging all the principals to continue to explore and stride into our new era with more passion and broader vision.


6卫院长In the second day, Professor Wei started the second part of summit — Modern School Management Seminar, by presenting a report on “Exploration and Practice of School in Future”, and he believed that we should “seek our own character before create new ones”, and “future is based on reality”. Then, other presentations like: School Campus Design Principles and Procedure of Construction by Mr. He Zhaotuan, Popular Curriculum System Overview of International Schools in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou by Carrie Zhang, Common Core State Standards & Literacy by Dr. Ken Smith and Gretel, Running Schools in accordance with the Law by Kevin Dai, and Nanjing Lixue Primary School in My Eyes by Cai Qun are enjoyed by all the participants. This summit not only had provided an excellent platform for all the principals, but also an opportunity to show their potentials and academic research.


Nantong site school Principal Mao Haifeng led the colleagues to climb Mountain Lang, and walked along the Yangtze River in the third day, and the team building brought the summit to a great success.


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