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2017 Fall Ambright Principal’s Summit Held in Nantong
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October Newsletter

Dear AHSP Faculty Members,

We hope you are all enjoying your fall semester as the seasons change. As fall settles in and winter approaches, in this newsletter we would like to inform you of a foreigner’s legal obligations to China’s work standards. In addition to this informative link, we will also highlight a new teacher’s experience teaching in Huzhou, and share with you another useful Chinese phrase for those of you eager to learn some mandarin. We encourage all of our international faculty to not only trust in their Chinese colleagues, but also foster a will to communicate with them.

Have a friend or relative who is interested in working in China? Click on the ‘Read More’ button just below to find out more about how do foreigners work legally in China, courtesy of the Shanghai and Nanjing Human Resource Departments.

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Chinese Monthly Phrase:

Pinyin: wǒ men lái zì pāi!
Translation: Let’s take a selfie!IMG_8106

Douglas Brown snapping a selfie with one students on Halloween’s Day from Huzhou.


Douglas Brown

Douglas Brown is currently teaching in Huzhou at Huzhou High School. When we approached ouglas about the prospect of being featured in our newsletter, he was eager to answer any questions we could throw his way. We are grateful for his enthusiasm at the AHSP, but we are furthermore impressed by and grateful for his contributions to the classroom environment at Huzhou High School. The students, the principal, and fellow teachers  will unanimously agree that Mr. Brown has quickly been welcomed into their community as a wonderful English teacher.


Q: What has your teaching experience been in Huzhou so far? 
Very positive. The teachers I work with are the best have helped me immensely in settling in China. The support is fantastic! Some of the students have even “taken me under their wing,” sort-to-speak, in teaching me some basic Chinese words that I will need, as well as helping me do all the touristy things here in Huzhou.

Q: Do you have a favorite course to teach? 
Currently, it is comprehensive English, because it has some literature. I love teaching literature.

Q: What courses do you teach?
A: I teach TOEFL speaking, ACT writing, and comprehensive English.

Q: What duties do you have at Huzhou? 
A: The usual teaching duties, with the addition of an afternoon English language sing-a-long. This 10-minute activity is for the senior 1 class, and the students volunteered me for the task. I enjoy it.

Q: What challenges are you facing or have you faced while teaching and living in China?
A: Biggest challenge for me is the language. I thought I would have a handle on this since I speak, read, and write Thai (which has five tones). Chinese has sounds that I just cannot duplicate . . . yet. I need to get a survival vocabulary going. No one here speaks any of the languages that I do (said with a chuckle).

Q: Do the students challenge you in any way? 
The senior 1s pepper me with questions about life in America and what I think of China. It’s fun!



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