Introduction of Ambright International Program Center

Ambright Education Group is very proud to be one of the first two institutions that introduced United States Advanced Placement (AP) courses to China in 2008. The International Program Center was established the same year as the department that operates the program. The mission of the center is to bring the best of U.S. high school education to outstanding Chinese students and prepare them for the success in both overseas learning and in their long life as well.

After eight years of development, the International Program Center has made itself the largest department within Ambright Education Group, with over 150 national and international employees, and serves as the major source of revenue for the organization. Every year, thousands of Chinese high school students are admitted to top universities across the globe with the help of the Ambright team.

The central office is located in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, a city that has a historic tradition of academic excellence and still serves as a major academic and research center for China today. The central office serves as both the operational center and advisory body of the organization. The academic team is composed of both Chinese and foreign experts in international education and is responsible for conducting research on education policy and latest teaching practice, obtaining relevant educational resources, and developing and optimizing curriculum. Teacher hiring, training, evaluation, and management are also part of the responsibilities of the academic team.

In addition, the central office offers site schools the following support: principal guidance, full-time staffing and part-time teacher dispatching, course plan, teaching and test administration, teaching and research evaluations, budgeting, public relationship and brand promotion, and crisis management.

Currently, the Ambright Education Group has established 11 American High School Programs (AHSP) with local elite high schools in Eastern and Central China. They are: Shanghai Gezhi High School, Shandong Experimental High School, High School Attached to Shandong Normal University, Hefei No.1 High School, Suzhou No. 10 High School, Nantong High School, Yangzhou High School, Yixing Hig School, Shaoxing No. 1 High School, Huzhou High School, and Jinhua Foreign Language High School. The total student population has reached about 1,400, which makes Ambright Education Group one of the major players in the international education market in China.